Look Love Lost

“How to feel at home in the nonstop journey of your existence?
How to feel on a journey during the long halts settling at the bottom of your heart?
These are ‘attempts to keep life together’.
They are led by ignition of the senses and by inspiration of the feelings,
They are collected as the case may be, with the audio-visual tools close at hand.”

By Giovanni Maderna
Language: Italian/English

Directed and Edited by
Giovanni Maderna

Giovanni Maderna
Gaia Furrer
Eugenio Maderna

Gaia Furrer
Leo e Eugenio
Giovanni Maderna
David Osborne
Emanuele Tasselli
Federico Spoletti
Eddie Bertozzi
Mario Francesconi
Andrea Furrer

Arie from “Don Giovanni” by Mozart & Da Ponte

A Quarto Film Production

In competition FILMMAKER FESTIVAL (Milano)

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