The intrepids

Imagine the cannibals emerging from the Caribbean Sea of Salgari’s fantasy world. Imagine the cannibals by following the wanderings of adolescents from a village in the Tuscan Apennines. A Pirate movie without Johnny Depp , but it does feature David Bowie as The Man Who Fell to Earth. And the Dark Wood comes in the form of news bulletins with live reports of deaths. Real pirates are shipwrecked on the coast of Venezuela. They must exist and they genuinely do: they are real actors waiting for a director who has not arrived. The true adventure is life, which must be imagined.

a film by Giovanni Cioni

with Carlo Monni, Giovanni Martorana, Stefano Sarri, Davide Guasti, Emma Parrini, Amedeo Cardelli, Mattia Moricci e Kristjan Jeremija

A Quarto Film Production
in collaboration with Fuori Orario/RaiTre
and Toscana Film Commission

Venice Days/selection “Cinema Corsaro”, Filmmaker Festival Milano

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