Iolanda, child and corsair

The children in the film are Salgari’s pirates today in the countryside of Piedmont, inside, outside and alongside daily life. In parallel and together there are adults, with their existences and problems. The children are brothers/sisters/cousins and friends who love each other and quarrel. They provide the starting point for the film and a journey through childhood, to the sound of songs by pirate musicians and singers. Emilio Salgari is present, but in centre stage is Alberto, who works on films with his computer. All of his characters can be seen in modern-day Turin. Salgari is yesterday and the film is today. The past is always present.

A film by Tonino De Bernardi

with Alberto Momo, Andrea Mantelli, Mariella Navale, Veronica and Giulietta Debernardi
and with “the pirates” : Teresa, Caterina and Tommaso Momo, Nathan and Francesco Cristina Cappennani, Giulia Nejrotti and Eugenio Maderna

A Quarto Film Production
in collaboration with Fuori Orario/Rai Tre
and Film Commission Torino Piemonte

Venice Days/selection “Cinema Corsaro”, Filmmaker Festival Milano

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